Last Days of Summer

Since the weather is pretty shitty these days I recommend you have a look at our 3 days of sessioning in Cologne before the annual ShredCologne took place.


December 18, 2014

Run at the Orange Stage

Since we’re about to release the Blading Version of Roskilde Festival soon I wanna get you guys teased with some photos of this years run at the Orange Stage.
Photography by Jonas Bødtker


October 23, 2014

First Days of Summer

Since the weather is going crazy nowadays we didn’t hesitate and hit the road to Prague for one weekend having a bit of sessioning. This is what it looked like.
Photography by Marian Sorge & Benjamin Buettner


April 3, 2014

Afterclash / random party pics of cool people


February 27, 2014

114 – A year in pictures

Photography by Benjamin Buettner and Nils Loester


January 7, 2014

The blading version of Roskilde Festival 2013


Once again Karsten put out another amazing edit showcasing the blade-lifestyle in its perfection.
As always it was a pleasure to be a part of it.
If you don’t know the work of this young talented filmmaker from Hamburg you definitely should check out

October 17, 2013

Blade Series: Balance


There are some bladers out there that I can easily characterize as close friends. I mean not this kind of bladers you’ll usually meet at skateparks and talk about tricks and set-ups for hours. I’m talking about personalities who have a serious opinion about life in general.
Two of them are Denis and Nils.

October 10, 2013

SRSC Copenhagen – Official Edit

3 weeks ago I got the pleasure to go to Copenhagen for the finale of the Scandinavian Realstreet Championships – here is my recap clip. Thanks to Ronni Skovmand and the guys from RAD! Hope you’ll enjoy.


September 7, 2013

Road to the SRSC Finale – guest post by Nils Löster

When I thought of Copenhagen, the first associations that came into my mind were bikes, Christiania, high living costs and beautiful people. I was pretty excited to go there to see if some of the stereotypes are true that German people who’ve been there are constantly talking about.

After almost missing our bus and therefore no time to get some breakfast on an early Wednesday morning, I was looking forward to enjoy the view on the ferry as part of the nearly eight-hour trip from Berlin. On the ferry it feels a little bit that you can leave everything behind. So we paused for a moment and regained our strength with some Danish beer from the duty free shop.

In Copenhagen we got the opportunity to stay at the residential community of two rollerbladers (btw thank you guys again). Thus we had the chance to get a little insight how to live there and it seems that it is usual to have the shower inside your room.

There were still a few days to go before the finale of the Scandinavian Real Street Contest took place, so we went out to blade. Unfortunately we hadn’t enough bikes, so we skated and walked everywhere. Besides blading we spent most of the time in getting ready to go out; meeting each other; finding a place to eat and getting all the other stuff people apparently need – welcome to the normal blade life. There was also an event called “Friday Night Skate” we joined collectively the day before the contest.

The SRSC Finale went down on Saturday and the weather was luckily good. While standing in that huge crowd of rollerbladers you really get the feeling that you are part of a big community, which is how it should be. I think the organizers have done everything right to create both an familiar and competitive atmosphere. However, we were pretty tired of the last days but fortunately this was not the case for Jacob Juul. He won the competition once again.

We had a nice barbecue also organized by R-A-D the day after. It felt like the best thing that happened to us after eating junk food most of the time to save money. We did a little sightseeing and leisurely finished our trip on Monday with a nice blade session.

Overall I was impressed by the scene in Copenhagen. I rarely saw as many talented bladers you never noticed before and I think the people behind R-A-D are heading in the right direction to further promote rollerblading.


August 28, 2013

This is gonna be awesome!

There hasn’t been a project like this I was looking for so long!
In April we went for a quick look to Oberwiesenthal – Germany’s most high-lying city with a formerly famous bobsleigh run from the 70′s. We took 1000 meters all the way up to that mountain and found this hidden pearl in the middle of the woods. Unfortunately the weather was worse than ever. While having mild temperatures at home we had to face 5°C and big snow piles up there. The fog was so dense you could barely see 20 meters far. Quite scary. That mountain definitely didn’t want us to stay there!

But here we go again! It took like 4 months but somehow we made it to find a date and collect a crew of diverse individual bladers to shred this long-forgotten piece of historical architecture. Will this be normal blade-weekend? No. This is a place full of memories and stories, frustration and victory. We wanna pay tribute to that and turn it for one weekend into that magical place it once was.


August 21, 2013